September McCrady/NineOf12 helped launch the Geek Grills podcast in 2016, which ended production in 2023. The “Grills” are three geeky women who talk about a variety of topics ranging from issues like body dysmorphia and NFTs to doing movie and book reviews. They also hosted some guests of note over the years.

She also co-hosted and produced a show about trying to reclaim christianity in the context of politics called Heresy and Hearsay.

Her first foray into podcasting was a co-hosting spot on Part Time Gamers. That show has been re-booted, and she is co-hosting it again!

She placed second in America’s Next Top Podcaster season 4, one of the highlights of that adventure was securing and being able to interview Wil Wheaton! Check it out, lots of great talent in that show.

Her latest podcast is Tipple Theory with Sean Weiland. Tipple Theory is an exploration of the history and practice of creating alcohol around the world.

Originally from Western New York, she’s been living in North Carolina for twenty-two years. In that time she has raised 3 sons, attended the Campaign School at Yale, run for office (as well as also literally learning to make sausage), and made and sold jewelry and other crafts in galleries and coffee shops.

September is a mother and a maker, a pagan and a politician, an ally and an advocate.

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